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We are an A2LA accredited, full-service laboratory and single source provider for quality calibration and testing services.


Constellation PowerLabs Services


As the leading calibrations laboratory in the power industry, we have acquired knowledge and capabilities in virtually all aspects of metrology and calibration services.

Parts Quality Initiative

PQI testing ensures defective parts are identified before installation, reducing downtime, labor and logistics costs, and improving replacement of parts under warranty.

Failure Analysis

With our advanced equipment and access to decades of failure records, we can quickly identify the root cause and complete your failure analysis investigation so your team can make the right corrective action.

Commercial Grade Dedication Testing

We test over 12,000 components annually for nuclear safety and provide unmatched reliability and cost-saving alternatives to OEM replacements.

Metallurgical & Material Analysis

Provides mechanical and electrical testing to determine material properties as well as metallurgical analysis to understand the structure of metallic material, and chemical testing to verify elemental composition.

Contaminated Hot Lab

Our in-house radiological hot lab enables us as an approved nuclear supplier to support calibrations and testing of your radiologically contaminated equipment. We are also equipped to provide you accredited calibrations as well.

ISO 17025 Calibrations

We pride ourselves on the level of quality we provide. Our full service laboratory’s measurement capabilities are enhanced with a scope that is A2LA Accredited to ISO 17025 to help us ensure that we meet & exceed your requirements.

Chemical Analysis & Testing

Our chemical analysis services include contamination detection, identification of unknown chemicals, or verification of known chemicals to support your quality control monitoring. Contact us to see how we can best support you today!


Exelon and Constellation are two publicly traded companies effective February 2nd, 2022. Learn more about our new company changes and what this means for our customers.

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OneLab Online Customer Portal

Check out our online database OneLab which holds thousands of data points and historical findings on manufacturer models and numbers.


You benefit from Constellation PowerLabs' experience of more than 100 years providing the highest quality laboratory services.



Constellation PowerLabs helps industries driven by high quality standards and strict regulatory mandates to have accurate and consistent measurements.

Mist over cooling towers operating exceeding well due to PQI Testing


As an Approved Nuclear Supplier, our Quality Program satisfies the requirements in 10 CFR 50; Appendix B, 10 CFR 21, NQA-1, and ANSI N45.2. We are routinely audited by the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) and the Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC).

Accredited calibrations for the utility industry

Power Transmission and Distribution

We offer ISO 17025 accredited high-energy and high-current calibrations. PowerLabs combines over one hundred years of calibration experience with world class technology. Find out how PowerLabs helps high voltage and high current manufacturing and testing industries achieve precision and quality standards.

Pharmaceutical calibrations

Life Sciences

Some of the Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry’s biggest manufacturers count on Constellation PowerLabs to provide 21 CFR and ISO compliant calibrations. Our national and international traceable standards and ISO 17025 accreditation ensure accuracy and precision. The web-based OneLab portal serves as a calibration records hub for easy audit compliance. OneLab also features a calibration management system to streamline routine calibration procedures.

Aerospace needs reliable calibrations


Constellation PowerLabs has been providing calibration services to the aerospace industry for years. With over 100 years working in highly regulated industries such as nuclear generation and utility companies, we are able to provide the highest, safest level of calibration in the marketplace.


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