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Full Service Calibration and Testing Laboratory


Unmatched Capabilities

Constellation PowerLabs is a full service calibration and testing laboratory. We provide both quality standard calibrations and ISO 17025 accredited calibrations to meet customer requirements. As for our more technical capabilities, we offer a broad range of services as we are able to support our customers through extensive testing and analysis.


Full Service Laboratory

Wide Scope of Accreditations and Calibrations

Constellation PowerLabs has been performing calibration services on equipment since 1911. We calibrate on more than 80,000 instruments every year, serving all major equipment brands and some of the most advanced equipment available.

Throughout our years of experience, we have broadened our scope of ISO 17025 accreditations and calibrations. View our full list of full service calibration laboratory capabilities here.

Calibration Services

Testing and Analysis Services

Over the decades, we have amassed an extensive inventory of lab equipment to perform a full spectrum of analysis and testing services. These services are performed by our staff of engineers and technicians with profound expertise in their field including:

  • Failure Analysis and Root Cause
  • Material Analysis and Testing
  • Chemical Analysis and Testing
  • Parts Quality Testing (PQI)
  • Commercial Grade Dedication Testing
  • Special Testing
Testing Services

Let Us Come To You

Did you know that we can perform on-site calibrations?

Our qualified technicians can come to you and calibrate equipment at your facility. Whether you have a mass amount of parts that need to be calibrated or it’s too large to ship, we will make it work. We have accredited calibration labs located across the United States from the Northeast to the Midwest, allowing us to better serve our customers. At Constellation PowerLabs, we believe calibrating your equipment should be both easy and convenient.

Onsite Calibration Services

Why Choose Constellation PowerLabs?

Our capabilities provide the most comprehensive lab offerings. We proudly stand behind our quality program that aligns with our ISO 17025 accreditation and Appendix B program, allowing us to work with some of the most highly regulated industries including: aerospace, automotive, nuclear, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing.

Let us help reduce your calibration costs and save time managing multiple vendors. Constellation PowerLabs can serve as your main source for calibration to meet and exceed all your needs.

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