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Dimensional and Gauge Calibrations


Delivering Excellence in all Dimensional and Gauge Calibrations

At Constellation PowerLabs, precision drives our commitment to deliver accurate and measurable dimensional and gauge calibrations. Our innovative, accredited, environment-controlled dimensional laboratories, technical acuity, and participation in accredited proficiency testing proves our dedication and accountability for accurate measurements.

We use the most up-to-date equipment, follow defined calibration procedures and use advanced technology to administer tests and receive repeatable and traceable results to mitigate any risks to you. As a full service laboratory, we make it a point to ensure our customers receive accurate readings every time for all measurement devices.


Dimensional Calibrations

Dimensional Calibration Services are the comparison of a known physical standard to an unknown unit under test (UUT). It includes measuring physical dimensional test equipment, including calipers, bore and depth gauges, dial indicators, durometers, end-measuring rods, rings and plugs, o-rings, optical flats, thickness gauges, angle indicators, length standards (gauge blocks), rulers, laser length devices, optics, and various dimensional fixtures.

We measure and certify these hand tools and instruments against length, height, depth (caliper and micrometer calibration), diameter, size, angle, radius, flatness, parallelism, perpendicularity, squareness, concentricity, major or minor diameter along with pitch diameter, and Rockwell hardness, X, Y, & Z axis (optical comparator calibration) to ensure that they provide accurate, repeatable readings when you use them.

Throughout the world, using these dimensional tools ensures that all measurements are accurate and transferable. A great example of this would be if a company wants to build an engine but cannot make all the parts for the engine themselves. Without accurate measurement tools in the industry, the parts made for this engine might not fit or be compatible. Dimensional and gauge calibration certificates certifies that everyone building parts for this engine measures for the same dimensions.

Dimensional Calibration

Gauge Calibrations

There are many types of gauging specialized tools used in the dimensional testing of a company’s product such as a gauge pin. This instrument is typically used to check the diameter of a hole bored into a fixture. Our laboratory can calibrate the size of the gauge pin to ensure that the hole is not too big or small when the pin is inserted (Go/No-Go pin). These specialized gauges give an accurate, efficient way to check products, especially when the test might be a customized sizing.


Calibrating Micrometers

Lab technician, Gabriela Juarez, explains the process of calibrating micrometers.


Our Drive For Quality

We are a full-service calibration and testing laboratory. Our traceable and precise dimensional and gauge calibrations are enhanced with our ISO 17025 accreditations under A2LA.

Calibration Accreditation Credentials

To Learn more about the vast ranges of accredited calibrations we perform here at Constellation PowerLabs:

  • A2LA Certificate 2044.1
  • A2LA Certificate 2044.2
  • A2LA Certificate 2044.3

You’ll find that our laboratories follow both national and international guidelines and standards, exhibiting our willingness to be monitored through an outside party.


Appendix B

We are an approved Appendix B nuclear supplier. A prerequisite of this type of quality-control ensures that we maintain and audit documented quality programs that NUPIC and NIAC approves. Our robust quality program surpasses the requirements of many other industries.


Our Process

When we receive an instrument, we allow at least a 24-hour environmental soaking time in the laboratory to bring the unit under test to a 68 degrees F state. This temperature is critical when performing gauge calibrations on gauge blocks. Our technicians use cotton gloves when handling the unit so that we do not transfer body heat or contaminate the component with oil from our skin. In most cases, we clean the unit using ethyl alcohol, which does not leave residue.

Next, we set up and prepare standards for the calibrations. Our impressive, quality-driven technicians ensure all sources of error are accounted for in every measurement. The technician then performs the calibration following the rigid qualifications associated with procedures assigned to the unit under test, comparing it against the manufacturer’s specifications. They then record the values on a data sheet developed specifically for that unit.

Lastly, we determine if the unit has passed or failed its testing before developing a calibration certification. If it has failed, our techs will send an out of tolerance report based on the findings. Upon conclusion, we place a calibration sticker on the unit that confirms that the instrument has been calibrated and then has it shipped back to the customer.


Providing Accurate and Reliable Measurements

Constellation PowerLabs calibrations are traceable to NIST, are ISO 17025 qualified in dimensional disciplines under A2LA, and employ knowledgeable technicians dedicated to quality. Our 100+ years of providing quality calibrations is indicative of our longevity. We pride ourselves on the knowledge and expertise we’ve gained throughout these decades, and are dedicated to providing accuracy on all calibration equipment for all dimensional and gauge calibrations.

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