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Commercial Grade Dedication Testing

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Full Service Laboratory Providing Commercial Grade Dedication Testing

Commercial Grade Dedication Testing (CGD) is a process of performing inspections, tests, or analyses on commercial grade components that will be dedicated for use in a nuclear safety-related application. We test over 12,000 items annually, verifying they meet or exceed the critical characteristic requirements determined by the engineer’s dedication plan for the use in a nuclear facility. Our comprehensive Appendix B program includes concise documentation of our test results and provides you with the most reliable cost-saving alternative to OEM replacements.


Why is Commercial Grade Dedication Testing Important?

This form of testing process is integral in maintaining quality and safety in the nuclear power industry. Commercial parts that are intended for safety-related usage are sent to us and we perform a rigor of testing to ensure they meet the critical characteristics of their specific safety related use. We successfully decrease accident probability, the likelihood of unplanned plant outages, and production downtime by identifying critical issues prior to installation.


Unmatched Quality

Our history of providing testing and failure analysis of parts and components gives us the insight to understand why things have failed in the past. Not only can we perform the commercial grade dedication testing you require, we can also advise you on test plan design based on our extensive historical testing data.

Our Partnership with Paragon Energy Solutions

We’ve partnered with Paragon, an industry leader in Commercial Grade Dedication, to combine our strengths in the Nuclear Power Industry. Our broad range of testing capabilities coupled with the engineering expertise Paragon provides, affords you with a comprehensive service of replacement commercial grade and safety related parts. For common parts, we test and stock them to maintain consistent availability to support urgent demand.

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