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Constellation PowerLabs OneLab Software System

OneLab is an extensive online portal that serves as an informative communication point for our customers. Among this wealth of information, our customers can also see what items are currently in progress, which parts have been received, completed, shipped or on hold. We believe that transparency is key to a healthy partnership and our online portal helps our customers gain visibility behind the scenes.

Our online customer portal also serves as a records hub with easy access to calibration certificates and test plan results, helping empower your team to comply with routine audits. It also houses our PQI Analysis database which is comprised of test plans and historical findings on more than 80,000 parts. Since 2006, Constellation has compiled data revealing trends in failure variables specific to part type, manufacturer and model.

This online database is freely available to Constellation PowerLabs customers but will have different types of access depending on the service.


OneLab Video Tutorial

View our OneLab video tutorial to learn how easy it is to find your certs and more!

  • Track Current Testing in Progress
  • Current Shipments
  • Certificates
  • Data Trends on Parts or Assets
  • Certificates
  • Data Trends on Parts or Assets

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