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Chemical Testing Lab

Constellation PowerLabs is a full-service laboratory offering a diverse array of testing and analysis services including chemical anaylsis.

What is Chemical Analysis & Testing? Chemical analysis and testing is performed for various reasons depending on the utilization of the chemicals. Chemicals that are safety-related require certification that they meet specific safety requirements, while other chemicals may be required to meet certain performance criteria, such as grease viscosity withstanding a specific temperature range.



The diverse properties of the chemicals we analyze and test gives us a broad range of capabilities. Our highly experienced staff is capable of developing test plans that conform to any industry standards and your specific requirements.

Why is Chemical Analysis & Testing Important?

Foreign elements can pose a danger to your plant’s components. The presence of contaminants could react with other materials while in operational use or make a chemical more volatile. Our process takes a scientific approach, understanding the characteristics of the chemicals we test and knowing what should not be present.


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