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Technical Services

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Our Technical Testing Services are Unmatched

Due to the breadth of our experience in the nuclear industry, we have amassed an extensive inventory of lab equipment to perform a full spectrum of analysis and testing services. These services are performed by our staff of engineers and technicians with profound expertise in their field.


Testing Services

Chemical Analysis & Testing

Our chemical analysis includes contamination detection, identification of unknown chemicals, or verification of known chemicals to support your quality control monitoring.

chemical analysis testing

Commercial Grade Dedication Testing

We test over 12,000 items annually providing our customers unmatched reliability and cost-saving alternative to OEM replacements.

CGD Testing

Failure Analysis & Testing

Our team is equipped with advanced equipment and access to decades of failure records to quickly identify the root cause and complete your failure analysis investigation.

failure of part

Material Analysis & Testing

Using an array of scientific evaluations, our technicians and engineers perform material analysis to verify the integrity of material compounds or the existence of foreign materials.

Failure analysis and material analysis on part corrosion

Metallurgical Analysis & Testing

With advanced equipment and techniques, we perform chemical, mechanical, micro/macro, destructive and non-destructive testing for metal materials, components, and products.

Material Testing Services

Parts Quality Initiative (PQI)

PQI testing ensures defective parts are identified before installation, reducing downtime, labor and logistics costs, and improving replacement of parts under warranty.

PQI testing parts

Work With A Qualified Lab to Perform your Analysis and Testing at One Convenient Vendor of Choice

Finding a qualified lab that can perform your analysis and testing is important for businesses of all sizes, especially quality driven industries. A well-qualified lab will be able to provide you with accurate results which will allow you and your team to make better informed decisions.

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