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Vacuum Gauge Calibrations


Performing Quality Vacuum Gauge Calibrations

Constellation PowerLabs is a full-service laboratory providing a wide scope of calibration and testing for quality driven industries. These industries include pharmaceutical, aerospace, nuclear, manufacturing and more. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of quality as we are accredited under A2LA and are routinely audited by the nuclear industry associations known as NUPIC and NIAC. While we perform a diverse array of calibration disciplines in-house, we also specialize in vacuum gauge calibrations.

It is necessary to routinely perform vacuum gauge calibrations to ensure the accuracy and reliability of your measurement equipment. Rest assured that your vacuum pressure gauges will provide consistent accurate readings every time as our laboratory takes the extra care to perform our calibration services right the first time.


Defining Vacuum Calibrations

Vacuum calibrations can be separated into two different categories: low vacuum and high vacuum. Low vacuum calibrations will generally range from 1 X 10-4 to 1 X 103 Torr (slightly higher than atmospheric pressure). High vacuum calibrations ranges consist of less than 1 X 10-4 Torr. Vacuum calibrations will always be referenced to absolute pressure reference (absolute zero).

Vacuum instrumentation units of measure are most often referred to as Torr, mTorr, microns, mbar or Pascals. The standards used to calibrate these items require extensive warm-up times, which can lengthen the calibration process but is necessary to ensure accuracy.

Instrumentation that is referenced to atmospheric pressure with a range down to absolute zero is sometimes referred to as vacuum measuring equipment or negative gauge pressure measuring equipment. This type of equipment is generally calibrated with the same standards as pressure measuring equipment but follows a different process as the pressure is instead evacuated.


Low Vacuum Calibration Capabilities

Our laboratory performs traceable low vacuum gauge calibrations with the negative pressure range of zero to 1000 Torr. While we calibrate a variety of different instrumentations and often calibrate the following components daily:

  • Thermocouple gauges
  • Convection gauges
  • Capacitance gauges
  • Diaphragm gauges

Our experience and expertise ensure you will receive the most accurate and consistent calibrations every time.


How We Calibrate Our Pressure Gauges

Our technicians follow a thorough process by first exercising the proper warmup techniques before calibrating so that they are able to produce greater accuracies and increase reliability when measuring the instrument’s readings.

First, the unit under test is connected to our high vacuum standard where system’s pressure is then evacuated as close as possible to absolute zero. While the system is being evacuated, power is applied to both the vacuum gauge and the high pressure vacuum standard. This allows the proper warm-up time before the technician begins calibrating.

Next, the cold cathode is then applied to ensure the system is evacuated to absolute zero, which allows the pressure gauge and high vacuum standard to be zeroed as well. The technician then shuts off the cold cathode and performs a comparison between the pressure gauge and high vacuum standard across the range of the unit under test. All data is recorded and reported (if requested by the customer) on the final calibration certificate.


The PowerLabs Difference

Working with Constellation PowerLabs will make all the difference for your industry as you will receive quality calibrations and reliable equipment every time. We calibrate more than 70,000 instruments every year which includes thousands upon thousands of different manufacturers and model numbers.

With depth of experience and expertise in calibration, we aim to reduce your calibration costs by calibrating your equipment right the first time. Whether you are in manufacturing, nuclear, pharmaceuticals, or any quality driven industry, Constellation PowerLabs is here to help.

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