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Single Source Provider

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Single Source Provider for All Testing and Calibration Needs

Constellation PowerLabs provides our customers peace of mind when it comes to managing multiple vendors for calibration, testing and analysis needs. Our broad in-house range of capabilities allow us to serve our customers the following services: calibration, PQI testing, failure analysis, commercial grade dedication testing, material analysis, special testing and chemical analysis.

However, if we cannot perform the work in-house, we have an extensive list of approved vendors we can use to meet your needs. Whether you are spending a lot of time trying to find vendors to perform your work, expending too many resources on vendor audits, or managing too many vendors, Constellation PowerLabs can help!


Key Benefits

A key benefit from working with Constellation PowerLabs is using our OneLab online customer portal to view all your equipment including items in progress, which parts have been received, completed or shipped. This extensive online portal serves as an informative communication point for our customers. We believe that transparency is key to building a healthy partnership and OneLab helps our customers gain visibility behind the scenes.

Let us select and manage the best qualified vendors for you. We will not only manage your vendors, we will verify that they have met the correct specifications and criteria.


Tired of waiting for your newly procured parts to arrive before sending for testing and calibration?

Learn more about Constellation PowerLabs 1-Step Procurement approach for all your calibration and testing needs.


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