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Sound Calibration

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Dedication to Providing Quality Sound Calibration

As a full-service testing and calibration laboratory, we provide a diverse range of measurement services including sound calibrations. We are dedicated to delivering quality calibrations each and every time, assuring our customers of our integrity, technical competency, and effectiveness of our quality systems. All our calibrations are NIST traceable and are completed with a high level of quality and technical competency. We provide reliable, quality calibrations our customers can count on!

While we provide a variety of unique calibration disciplines, we also provide sound calibrations. These are the accuracy ranges we provide:

  • Basic accuracy is (+ or -) 0.25 dB
  • Power Range 74 dB to 114 dB
  • Frequency Range 125 Hz to 8k Hz

Sound Level Meter Calibration Services

Sounds are all around us. And depending upon their loudness, duration, and pitch, they can be considered noise pollution, which has been proven to have negative impacts on environmental quality, wildlife, and human health. When filtered through the human ear, opinion about sound becomes subjective.

Sound level meters are used to measure noise levels which help correct for the variations of subjective human perceived loudness. Sound calibrations from these types of devices are used to determine compliance with noise criteria requirements in automobile and aircraft traffic situations and industrial settings. Sound equipment calibration ensures the measurements recorded from such instruments are accurate.

In their simplest form, sound level meters consist of a microphone, processing circuitry and a display. Constellation PowerLabs performs sound level meter calibration and other sound measuring instruments to ensure their accuracy, such as sound calibrators, pistonphones, and microphones.


Our Process

Our laboratory calibrates sound level meters, sound calibrators, pistonphones, microphones and noise dosimeters. We perform comparisons to the precision sound level calibrator and enter the data on the calibration certificate.

Sound level meters are generally calibrated by inserting its microphone into a sound calibrator and ensuring a good seal. Then, both the unit under test (UUT) and the sound level calibrator are turned on, correct settings for test points are verified and readings from the UUT are recorded at specified frequencies. We then apply A and C weightings to describe the frequency response of the human ear towards real-world sounds.


Commitment To Quality

Our team of professionals are committed to quality as our corporate culture encourages excellence in all we do. Our accredited quality management systems demonstrate that commitment and propel repeatability and accuracy in our results. It is our dedication to quality, and our attention to detail that differentiates Constellation PowerLabs from other calibration service providers. Prioritizing quality before quantity assures our customers of receiving a transducer calibrated to the highest standards the first time, every time.



While Constellation PowerLabs is not accredited in sound calibration, we maintain accreditations in a vast amount of our calibration disciplines. These accreditations consist of ISO 17025: 2017& ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 & ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006 as well as to 10 CFR 50, Appendix B and other relevant, recognized quality management systems.

Accreditations such as these provide a neutral, third-party affirmation of the consistency and repeatability of our processes and procedures.

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