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Force and Load Cell Calibration


Precise Force & Load Cell Calibrations

For many industries, keeping large and small machinery running at peak performance can be challenging. Accurate force and load cell calibrations are vital to ensuring that equipment functions properly, and in some cases, this means going beyond industry standards to ensure the most accurate results possible. It’s important to do your homework when choosing a calibration company, since not all calibration providers are created equal. When it comes to force load cell calibrations, Constellation PowerLabs has you covered from start to finish with dedicated customer service that’s second to none.

At Constellation PowerLabs, we are committed to delivering consistent, accurate, and measurable calibrations. Our innovative, accredited laboratory employs highly qualified, dedicated technicians with years of collective calibration expertise. We pride ourselves on being detail oriented, putting the customer first, and providing precise measurements.


Force Calibrations

The application of compression, tension, weight or torque to a Unit Under Test (UUT), then comparing that reading to a calibration standard reading to ensure the unit meets specifications is called force calibration. It uses either a load cell calibration or calibrated weights. Our tension calibration ensures that the stretch between the unit under test and the standard meets precise specifications.

Our Calibration Capabilities:

Up to 500,000 lb/ft & ISO-17025 accredited up to 100,000 lb/ft

Our laboratory technicians use force-indicating standards to generate exact force values to compare to customer units. Without a properly calibrated force piece of equipment, the safety, proper operation, expected revenue, or medical diagnosis can be adversely affected


Explanation of Our Force Calibrations

Expert lab technician, Frederick Blake, demonstrates force calibration on a 3,000 lbf load cell. Frederick is comparing the load cell to Constellation PowerLabs standard load cell using 3,000 lbs of force. We can calibrate up to 500,000 lbf and are ISO 17025 accredited up to 100,000 lbf.


Our Quality Program

Accredited Calibration Credentials

We are a full-service calibration and testing laboratory. Our wide-ranging force and load cell calibration capabilities are enhanced with our A2LA Accreditation to ISO 17025 accreditation, the main standard that calibration and testing laboratories adhere to:

  • A2LA Certificate 2044.1
  • A2LA Certificate 2044.2
  • A2LA Certificate 2044.3

Appendix B

We are an approved Appendix B nuclear supplier and service the entire Constellation fleet, providing reliable calibrations and testing. A prerequisite of this type of quality-control is maintaining an audited documented quality program that NUPIC and NIAC audits. Our robust quality program surpasses the requirements of many other industries.


Our Process

Our calibration labs have the most up-to-date measurement equipment that help our technicians provide greater accuracy for our customers including accurate precision load cells. Once we receive the component, our technicians will determine the standards necessary for calibration and will enter the appropriate data in our system. They will then inspect the fixture and set up the unit in the appropriate machine for calibration.

We apply full-scale force of the unit to exercise it prior to taking “As Found Data,” then apply force as per the attached datasheet based on the manufacturer’s specifications. Next, we enter the unit under test reading on the datasheet to determine if the unit meets specifications. After we take all points and determine that the unit met all the specifications, the calibration is then complete. We then certify the calibration by placing our sticker on the unit, confirming that the instrument has been properly calibrated and ready to use. We will then email you a certificate once completed.

An added benefit for our customers is the ability to access and download all their calibration certificates, anywhere at any time. We provide free access to our online customer portal, OneLab, where you can sift through certificates, see which items are due for calibration as well as any updates on current items in progress. Learn more about our OneLab customer portal.


Industrial Applications

Force calibrations are an essential part of industrial engineering and technology. They help us design, produce, manufacture, and more. Each measurement requires individual calibration in order to ensure accuracy and efficiency across manufacturing lines, laboratories, and testing facilities—and we deliver just that.

Our accredited laboratory is fully equipped with specialized tools for accurate calibrations across a wide range of industries. From manufacturing to pharmaceuticals and aviation, is the need for quality in their calibrations. For example, an aerospace company needs loads cells that are designed to withstand high amounts of force while simultaneously resisting movement (in every direction), while another might require a load cell calibration device with slightly different specifications—ones that allow for more freedom in motion.

No matter the reason for the calibration, Constellation PowerLabs is here to help!


Delivering Quality Calibration Services

Constellation PowerLabs expertly translates calibration measurements into an innovative paradigm of precise data for all customers. Our commitment to providing dependable customer service and employing highly qualified technicians show how quality focused we are, especially with all the quality requirements we follow.

Constellation PowerLabs’ metrology laboratories are accredited to ISO 17025, which shows our high level of dedication to providing quality calibrations as we are routinely audited. We also participate in accredited proficiency testing to demonstrate our continued technical acuity, which helps you minimize risk and receive precise and accurate calibration data. Quality, consistency, and accuracy is what you can expect from us.

We have 100+ years of experience in metrology services and are proud to continue serving our customers exceptional measurement data every time. Contact us to learn how we can be your main source for all your calibration and testing needs.

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