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What is an Optical Comparator?

An optical comparator, also known as a profile projector, is a crucial tool for measuring parts that make use of optics. It magnifies a section of one object to be measured onto a glass screen and compares it to specified limits, ensuring precise dimensioning.

Optical comparators have become the main piece of inspection equipment in industrial environments, machine shops, and inspection laboratories due to their ease of use.


Why Do You Need Optical Calibration?

It cannot be overstated how crucial it is to calibrate your optical equipment. These are precise instruments that provide critical measurements. If they are off by even a small amount, the integrity of your final product could be jeopardized. This can be both costly and damaging to your reputation- especially if your product fails in the field due to inaccurate measurements, causing downtime and delays

Additionally, optical calibrations are a better alternative to physical and dimensional calibrations for parts that are too small or have intricate features to be measured physically.


Why Choose Constellation PowerLabs for Your Optical Calibrations?

Constellation PowerLabs has everything you need for your optical testing and calibration needs. For example, if you require us to verify the magnification or X-Y Axis scales, we have state-of-the-art equipment to ensure we can perform exact, precise calibration for your optical comparators.

For our calibrations, we use two types of systems:

  • The Gage Master Model 29 / GMX Optical comparator with +/-.0002” accuracy
  • The Keyence Image Dimension Measuring Machine with +/-.00008” accuracy

As for the type of equipment we calibrate daily, please see the following instruments below:

Radius gagesAuto level
CrimpersTotal stations
Angle gagesTheodolites
Optical levelAny other customer optical comparators

Importance of Finding a Qualified Lab for Optical Comparator Calibrations

Finding a qualified lab to conduct quality measurements and testing is important for many reasons. First, the accuracy of the results depends on the quality of the measurements and calibration. Secondly, if the results are not accurate, it can affect the environmental safety of your facility and employees.

As a full-service calibration laboratory, we adhere to different quality requirements. When working with contaminated equipment, our processes follow more strict standards. Constellation PowerLabs is licensed by federal agencies to have “controlled” contaminated equipment in several labs located at our main headquarters. Our radiation calibration is completed according to NC3 323 specifications.


Our Process For optical Comparator Calibrations

To perform measurements consistently and accurately, optical comparator calibrations usually require routine maintenance to ensure the equipment functions properly and efficiently.


Calibrating the X and Y Axis Scales

We calibrate the X-Axis and Y-Axis scales by comparing the instrument reading against the known measurement. For each axis, we take a test point every 1 inch across the measuring range of the optical comparator. We then verify the scale’s reading and compare the value to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure the accuracy of the reading.


The Importance of Magnification

Magnification is everything when it comes to optical calibration. The optical comparators use magnified images of parts onto a glass screen or computer screen using illuminations sources, lenses and mirrors for small 2D Dimensional measurements.


Dimensional Measurements

Many optical comparators include features for calculating a variety of dimensions including lengths, widths, diameters, radii, and angles. We measure the standards with automated systems and validate the measurements of the instruments to ensure that they read the correct dimensions.


Our Quality

As a full-service laboratory, we adhere to A2LA auditing standards for ISO-17025 accreditations. While we are not accredited in optical calibration, we still provide traceable calibrations for every piece of equipment.

As a nuclear supplier, we also are routinely audited by NUPIC and NIAC, ensuring we meet the following quality requirements for 10 CFR 50, Appendix B, 10 CFR 21, NQA-1 and ANSI N45.2. Our scope of Appendix B covers every type of equipment we calibrate and test, ensuring our customers are receiving quality parts.
Do you need an auto-level, crimper, theodolite, optical level, or any other instrument calibration? Constellation PowerLabs provides quality calibrations every time. Start saving time and money now.

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