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Flow Meter Calibrations


The Importance of Accurate Measurements In Flow Meter Calibrations

It is critical that flow meter calibrations be routinely performed to ensure consistency throughout all processes. By doing this, it helps produce greater reliability in your flow equipment and that the measurement readings are accurate and fall within the expected parameters. In order to accurately measure the flow rate, it may be required that the customer provides their desired reference conditions such as standard temperature, pressure, and gas type.


Driving Quality Through Accredited Calibrations

Constellation PowerLabs is a full service laboratory providing quality calibrations, testing and analysis. Among the many calibration disciplines we offer, we provide a diverse array of flow calibrations and are specialized in accredited ISO 17025 calibrations and Appendix B calibrations.

  • Certified for ISO 10725 requirements up to 100 liters in air flow calibrations. Non-accredited, up to 1,500 liters.
  • In liquid flow, we can provide calibration for non-accredited up to 2,000 gallons per minute.

While our laboratory is accredited for ISO 17025 under A2LA, this also means that we meet the quality requirements for ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 and ISO 9001.


Flow Calibration Capabilities

Flow calibrations are routinely performed at Constellation PowerLabs for customers across various industries. These calibrated flow instruments include but are not limited to the following below.

Liquid FlowAir Flow
Turbine MetersTurbine Meters
Clean Calibrations OnlyClean Calibrations Only
Volumetric Flow MetersVolumetric Flow Meters
Ultra-Sonic Flow MetersUltra-Sonic Flow Meters
Positive Displacement (PD) MetersPositive Displacement (PD) Meters
Venturi Flow MetersVenturi Flow Meters
Flow OrificesFlow Orifices
RotametersLaminar Flow Meters
Thermal Mass Flow Meters

The Importance of Accuracy in Your Flow Meters

Flow meters provide a valuable resource in many different industries, but they can only be as good as their calibration. Not having your equipment routinely calibrated can lead to greater inaccuracies, resulting in lost productivity and incorrect process controls, which could put your company at potential risk.

Investing in a qualified lab to perform your flow meter calibrations on a regular basis can help you improve your production quality and increase uptime by minimizing measurement errors. These small changes will significantly impact your bottom line moving forward.

A Meticulous Test and Measurement In-House Process

Flow measurement devices can be sent to our main laboratory at the client’s convenience. Upon receipt, one of the many highly trained technicians will review the standard protocol testing format and, if necessary, create a testing format to utilize before calibrating. The technicians will then use a detailed cross-referencing protocol to ensure testing specifications are met – whether based on manufacturer specifications or a set of parameters specified by the customer.

Each calibration service is performed by an experienced team of highly trained technicians, using NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceable standards. This provides an additional layer of confidence for facility directors about the optimal state of their equipment and the safety of their employees.

Calibration Certificates Available on OneLab

Constellation PowerLabs team provides clients with documented calibration certifications for both air flowmeter calibrations and liquid flow meter calibrations. These certificates can be found on OneLab, our online customer portal.

OneLab is a free online database for our customers that provides statuses and information on customer equipment, shipping and tracking of equipment, calibration certificates, invoices and more. This is a great tool for our customers to know exactly what is going on in the labs as it provides customers transparency. Not only do we use the portal as a means for communication, it also allows our customers the ability to download their calibration certificates as many times as they want while also researching their equipment to see what is due for calibration.


Achieve High Accuracy Calibrations With Constellation PowerLabs

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