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Electrical Calibrations


Providing Quality and Accredited Electrical Calibrations

Electrical calibrations are an important part in maintaining your electrical test equipment so that they continually provide accurate and reliable readings. Since drift can occur over time, it is best to have your electrical equipment routinely calibrated. Doing this helps verify the performance of the component’s measuring parameters, ensuring the end user has accurate readings.

Electrical calibrations are important to maintain whether your equipment is being used as part of a maintenance or preventive maintenance program or if it’s being used for an occasional need, such as troubleshooting. All electrical test equipment should be calibrated at least once every year if not more.

As a full service laboratory, Constellation PowerLabs has the advanced capabilities to calibrate both AC and DC currents, resistances, voltages, inductance, and capacitance.


Our Electrical Calibrations Include the Following Ranges:


+ -

0 Ω to 200 TΩ

DC Voltage

+ -

Calibrate 0 to 1000 V

DC Current

+ -

Calibrate 0 to 1000 A

AC Voltage

+ -

Calibrate up to 1000 V, 1 Hz to 1 MHz

AC Current

+ -

Calibrate up to 100 A and 10 Hz to 30 kHz


+ -

Calibrate Voltage & Current, 1 Hz to 100 kHz


+ -

10 pF to 110 mF


+ -

200 µH to 10 H

RF & Microwave

+ -

Calibrate up 26.5 GHz. Learn more by visiting our RF Calibrations page.


Please see our high voltage calibrations page to learn more about our abilities in calibrating higher voltages and currents.

High Voltage Calibrations

Our Capabilities for Electrical Calibrations

Through our diverse array of electrical calibrations and team of highly trained technicians, we are able to calibrate a multitude of different types of electrical test equipment. We have calibrated thousands of different manufacturers and models of electrical equipment, with approved procedures to help our technicians perform electrical calibrations successfully.

If we have not previously seen or calibrated a specific manufacturer and model number in our labs, we will develop a  new procedure. Our team will create and write a new format based on the manufacturer specifications so that you can still have your equipment calibrated in a timely manner. As we continue to advance in our RF calibrations and microwave calibration capabilities, so does our equipment. Here are just some of the different types of equipment we use to help us provide greater calibration accuracy to our customers.


Check Out Our Wide Range of Electrical Equipment We Calibrate Daily:

Data LoggersDecade ResistorsProcess Calibrators
Frequency CountersSound Level MeterPower Analyzers
Function / Signal GeneratorsMegohmmetersAC & DC Power Supplies
Hipot TestersMultimetersRecorders (Strip & Chart)
Pico AmmetersPanel MetersCurrent Shunts
Insulation / High Resistance MetersRCL MetersTachometers / Stroboscopes
Clamp Meters & Current ProbesVoltage & Current MetersCircuit Breaker Test Sets
Light MetersWatt/Power MetersRelay Test Sets
Oscilloscopes to 1.1 GHzLow Resistance OhmmetersDistortion Analyzers
Phase MetersTransformer Test Ratio SetsCapacitors
Stopwatches Current TransformersSignal Conditioners

Our Quality Program

Accredited Electrical Credentials

We are a full-service calibration and testing laboratory. Our traceable and precise electrical calibration capabilities are enhanced with our ISO 17025 accreditations under A2LA, a standard that many calibration companies adhere to in order to meet a certain level of quality. Check out our diverse array of accredited calibrations we perform in-house:

  • A2LA Certificate 2044.1
  • A2LA Accreditations
  • A2LA Certificate 2044.3

10 CFR 50 & Appendix B Calibrations

As an approved Appendix B nuclear supplier, we follow strict quality requirements to be able to service our quality driven industries. Prerequisites of this type of quality-controlled approval ensures that we maintain and audit our documented quality programs approved by NUPIC and NIAC. Our robust quality program surpasses the requirements of many other industries.


Calibrating Your Electrical Test Equipment With Constellation PowerLabs

When it comes to calibrating your equipment, you can trust us to deliver you quality results the first time. Through our 110 years of providing quality calibration services, we continue to advance in the latest electrical testing equipment to ensure our customers obtain the best accuracies possible for the calibration of their equipment.

Constellation PowerLabs’ laboratories follow both national and international standards and guidelines, exhibiting our willingness to be monitored by outside parties. You’ll find that our scope of accreditations truly differentiate us from other laboratories, as we make it our mission to provide quality on every level of service.

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