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Advanced Accredited Calibrations

Constellation PowerLabs provides quality calibration services and is a full service laboratory that is accredited under A2LA to ISO 17025. Our wide array of calibration capabilities compliments the requirements of any quality driven organization. Not only are we accredited under A2LA, we also provide Appendix B Calibrations as we are a nuclear supplier.

What does a nuclear supplier mean to you? It means that our lab is routinely audited to meet strict quality requirements to ensure every type of measurement and test equipment we calibrate meets nuclear quality. This can be applied to any industry that requires reliable equipment. Finding a lab that can provide quality calibrations the first time will save you plenty of headaches, time and money.


Easy Online Access
to Certificates for Calibration Services

Each of our customers are given a login entry to OneLab, our online customer portal. Here they can easily access and manage all of their calibrations in one place, anywhere, at any time. OneLab provides loads of information to help make our customers get what they need quickly and efficiently. Our online customer portal provides the following:

  • Easily view the status of your calibration equipment
  • Check out which items in your equipment list are due for calibration
  • Review shipping information and tracking codes
  • Most importantly, find all your calibration certificates in one place

We take the guess work out of calibration with OneLab’s transparency and document storage accessibility —available at no additional cost!


Let Us Come To You

Whether you need us to pick up equipment from your location or perform an on-site calibration services, we can help! Our qualified technicians can come to you and calibrate equipment at your facility. Our accredited calibration labs are located across the United States from the Northeast to the Midwest.

If you prefer, we can arrange at your facility pickup and delivery to your site as well. Our delivery trucks run daily, picking up and dropping off hundreds of measurement instruments. At Constellation PowerLabs, we believe calibrating your equipment should be both easy and convenient.


Here’s a little background on our laboratory so you can understand more about what we do and why we are passionate about performing calibration services. We we’re first established in 1911, acting as the main testing center for the Philadelphia Electric Company. The lab’s primary role was to calibrate all the meters in the city since electricity had become the latest buzz in the energy sector during that time. We then serviced and calibrated parts for utilities for the next few decades.

It wasn’t until the late 1950’s that our lab began working in nuclear. Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station was the first plant we started performing work for, which included not only our calibration services, but also testing and analysis. Soon after, we began to expand our services to other various markets.

Our lab has grown indefinitely and continues to expand not only in our services, but our locations as we have five labs spread out across the United States. While we service nationally, we also cater to our international customers in North and South America.

We pride ourselves on building a team of highly skilled measurement experts here at Constellation PowerLabs. We aim to perform consistent and accurate calibration services for our customers because we know how important it is to have reliable equipment.


Investing in the Future of Calibration

Our metrology leaders are renowned across the industry for their thought-provoking mentality and deep understanding of measurement. As for our technicians, they dedicate time to expanding their knowledge in other disciplines to advance their potential. In the world of calibration and testing, we continue to invest in our people and knowledge of metrology to be able to provide for our customers.


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