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Humidity Calibrations


Get Quality Humidity Calibrations

At Constellation PowerLabs, quality drives our commitment to deliver consistent and accurate humidity calibrations every time. As a full service calibration company, we offer a diverse array of measurement services. With several labs spread out across the country, it allows us to be able to better support our customers and provide them quality calibrations when and where they need it.


The Importance of Having Reliable Humidity Measurement Instruments

Humidity is a critical environmental factor in thousands of processes and materials. It is an environmental element that can negatively affect a wide variety of materials based on its presence alone. Having a high-level of humidity can contribute to the degradation of construction materials, food products, pharmaceuticals, paper, electronic components, and more. Humidity monitoring also helps to evaluate whether an environment is safe for workers when there is either limited or no environmental controls available.

The measurement of low humidity levels which are commonly expressed as frost / dew point is also very important. The frost / dew point of a given gas (i.e. nitrogen, air, helium, etc.) is the temperature at which point the water vapor in the gas will condense. The measurement of this quantity of humidity is important when evaluating the condition of the gas for use in a process.

For example, circuit breakers that handle large amounts of power will arc when the contacts are opened. Inside these circuit breakers is an arc quenching gas (sulfur hexa-fluoride, aka SF6) that must be maintained at its highest purity to be effective at protecting the internal components of the circuit breaker. This is done by measuring the moisture content (water vapor) contained in the gas.


Humidity Accreditation Credentials

Humidity Generation

+ -

We can generate 10 to 95% RH, non-condensing

Low Humidity Generation

+ -

We can generate -95 degrees Celsius Frost Point to +10 degrees Celsius Dew Point

Low Humidity Measurement

+ -

We can calibrate -80 degrees Celsius Frost Point to +20 degrees Celsius Dew Point


Quality, Consistency, and Accuracy

We also participate in accredited proficiency testing and interlaboratory comparisons to demonstrate our continued technical acuity, which helps to minimize risk and receive precise and accurate calibration data. Quality, consistency, and accuracy is what you can expect from us.

We are an approved Appendix B nuclear supplier. A prerequisite of this type of quality control is maintaining an audited documented quality program that NUPIC and NIAC approves. Our robust quality program surpasses the requirements of many other industries.


Hygrometers Calibration

To calibrate hygrometers, a humidity generator is used to generate and measure humidity at a variety of temperatures and humidity levels. These measurements are compared with the measurements of the unit under test. Rest assured that our accredited laboratory tests multiple relative humidity points to give you optimal results.

Hygrometer Calibrations

Humidity Accreditation Credentials

We are a full-service calibration and testing laboratory. Our wide-ranging measurement capabilities are enhanced with our A2LA accreditation to ISO 17025, one of the primary standards that calibration and testing laboratories adhere to:

A2LA Certificate 2044.1
A2LA Certificate 2044.2
A2LA Certificate 2044.3

PowerLabs is accredited to ISO 17025 for the calibration of relative humidity measuring equipment in the range of 10 to 95% RH with a Calibration and Measurement Capability Uncertainty (CMC) of ± 0.51% RH.


Our Process

We use a benchtop humidity generator, which produces known humidity values using the fundamental principle of the “two pressure” generator (the same that is used at NIST) for testing relative humidity. This system consistently supplies accurately known humidity values for instrument calibration, evaluation, and verification.

We use a low humidity generating system that produces known humidity values using the combined fundamental principles of the “two temperature” and “two pressure” generators (also the same method used at NIST) for frost/dew point testing. In our calibration labs, this system continues to supply accurate and consistent humidity values for instrument calibration and evaluation.

Our accredited lab houses highly qualified technicians with many years of calibration experience. Our technicians pride themselves on being detail oriented, putting the customer first, and offering insight and support to customers regarding their equipment.


Providing a Measure of Excellence in our Calibration Services

PowerLabs provides consistent and accurate standard and custom humidity calibration. Our proven process, highly skilled technical experts, value-added accreditations, and merited equipment enhances our quality footprint.

Whether you want calibration performed in-house or onsite, we promise to give you an excellent experience. For us, we are committed to building long-term partnerships with our customers. Every measurement instrument we calibrate in our labs, we make sure that it provides accurate reliable readings that our customers can count on. We know how important it is to have equipment that you can rely on, and we make sure you receive quality every time.

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