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OneLab Database: A Seamless Experience for PowerLabs Customers

April 12, 2022


Constellation PowerLabs has been performing testing and calibration services for over a century. With years of accumulated data, we have invested in an online database that is not only beneficial to our engineers and technicians, but most importantly to our customers.

What is OneLab?

OneLab is a customized software system that serves as an informative communication point for our customers and contains thousands upon thousands of records and data. While this is freely available to Constellation PowerLabs customers, there are different types of access depending on services. Whether a customer needs to manage their equipment that is due for calibrations or view the failure rate data of a specific component to determine if it should be PQI tested, OneLab has it all.

How Customers Can Leverage Our OneLab Database

We believe that transparency is key to a healthy partnership and OneLab helps our customers gain visibility behind the scenes of our labs. Our clients will be able to know exactly where all their equipment is at all times from the moment it has been received to the time it ships back out. Here are some key features to using OneLab to help manage all calibration service and testing needs:

Work in Progress: On the main dashboard of OneLab, customers have easy access to viewing the progress of their equipment displayed in a bar chart. Clicking on any one of the bars will allow our users to view the progress type more in-depth.

Equipment Search: A dedicated page for customers to easily search and learn the status of their equipment. Whether it has just been received or is currently in progress, this page allows clear visibility of all equipment.

Calibrations: This page is for calibration service customers and allows one to search for all their calibrations whether by serial number, purchase order associated, manufacturer, model, work status and more. If a user wants to look up their calibrations within a certain date range, they can do so by selecting a specific time frame as well as search for equipment that is due for calibration.

When searching for calibrations, customers can easily download their certificates for their equipment as well as view the timeline for when the items are due to be shipped out.

Material Testing: Only Constellation PowerLabs’ technical service customers will have access to the material testing page. This page allows customers to request new testing and analysis projects including the ability to search for current or previous projects. This page is an effective communication tool for customers to enter project requests and quotes for the following services: failure analysis, commercial grade dedication testing, material testing and analysis, chemical testing and analysis, PQI testing as well as special testing.

Shipping: The shipping page is an excellent way for customers to track their items for themselves. PowerLabs allows customers easy access to view tracking codes, shipment dates, specifics on each shipment as well as the ability download all the certificates associated with the shipment.

Contact: This allows both calibration service and technical service customers to submit an ATS (action tracking system) ticket to PowerLabs. This is a great communication tool for customers to submit questions, make requests and more. These tickets will be addressed by the level of priority the customer assigns it.

There is an additional tab called the Help Desk Tickets within the contact page. Here, customers can search for previous tickets they submitted by status, the ticket number, person responsible for opening the ticket as well as search by date range for when it was created.

Billing Information

Customers can access all their invoices with Constellation PowerLabs through the billing page as it is always up to date and leaves no discrepancies. Within the billing page, there are three tabs:

  1. Invoice Search allows customers the ability to search by invoice number, purchase order associated or date range.
  2. The Purchase Orders tab is for searching both active and inactive purchase orders.
  3. Contract Pricing List is where customers can look up calibration prices for their equipment if they have a contract or blanket purchase order. This saves customers time from asking for a quote on a piece of equipment, when it may already be on the contract pricing list.

PQI Analysis: This section of OneLab is only available to customers enrolled in the PQI (Parts Quality Initiative) program. This program allows customers to view decades of failure rate data trends on component categories including in-depth analyses on manufacturer and model numbers that have been PQI tested. Customers use this data to determine which parts to send in for PQI testing. If the component category shows a history of high failure rates, it’s worth testing to avoid downtime and delays.

With OneLab, the information is available at your fingertips. Once a customer is successfully set up in the system, they can obtain access to all their company calibration and testing records anytime and anywhere. Our customers can be assured that their information, reports, certificates and more will be found safe and secure in our OneLab database. Customers can also elect for instant updates and notifications on equipment and testing.

Constellation PowerLabs’ OneLab serves as a support to our customers to better manage their calibration and testing work from beginning to end. Through the secure online database, we provide our clients with a true seamless experience that provides transparency and ease.

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