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Parts Quality
INPO IER 21-4 Webinar


Constellation PowerLabs Parts Quality INPO IER 21-4 Webinar: How Your Site Can Comply With INPO’s IER Recommendation 3.A & 6 System

This webinar was an interactive discussion about the IER facilitated by nuclear industry experts in the area of Parts Quality.

Scott Danehower from Constellation Nuclear, Constellation PowerLabs and Dave Mueller from Paragon dived into one the largest contributing factors that impact equipment reliability, Parts Quality. Parts Quality became a focus area for INPO in 2021, and as a result, IER 2-14 was implemented to help drive an improvement in this area. Constellation Powerlabs along with our partners can help your utility meet and exceed the Parts Quality recommendation from this IER as well as continuously improves Equipment Performance and Reliability. ​

The presenters shared key information about the recent INPO IER, as well as critical information that can help you determine whether your plants will be compliance by the 2022 deadline.

  • Learn how nuclear plants across the globe are being affected by this IER mandate
  • Define and explore each of the INPO IER L2 21-4 recommendations, specifically IER 3.A and 6
  • Learn how the PQI program can meet and exceed the Parts Quality Recommendation for your site
  • At this webinar, we discussed the steps it takes to meet and exceed the IER recommendations before your next INPO or WANO evaluation

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