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The Voice Behind Our Metrology Services at Constellation PowerLabs – Meet One of Our Experts

October 11, 2019


Our Metrology Services

Constellation PowerLabs has developed a long-standing reputation for delivering high quality metrology services through our accurate calibrations and technical services in an A2LA accredited laboratory. Throughout the years, PowerLabs has accumulated a diverse team of experts, highly knowledgeable in not only our metrology services, but also testing, and analysis.

Among the many, Cory Peters stands out as he has dedicated his career to metrology. His experience, military background, and thorough understanding of metrological science have made him an invaluable asset to PowerLabs.

A Career in the Making

Cory found his passion for metrology nearly 33 years ago when he started in the U.S. Air Force. While he had hoped to become an Air Force Firefighter for the extraordinary action, his high-test scores pointed in a mathematical and scientific direction.

He would attend the Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory School, furthering his knowledge in metrology. Eventually, this would allow him to acquire a skill set necessary to be used at an A2LA accredited laboratory.

A World-Wide Perspective

After his training, he was stationed at a number of American military bases all over the world, from Guam to England, allowing him to get hands-on experience. Having traversed over 46 states and 27 countries, he was able to perform an array of metrological onsite work.

Cory found that there was never a dull moment in the metrology field and welcomed new challenges as a learning opportunity.

Another Member of Constellation PowerLabs’ Team

After years in the Air Force, he joined the Constellation PowerLabs team in Coatesville, Pennsylvania working in metrology services. Here, Cory would continue to work in the metrology department and act as a major support in all areas of this A2LA accredited laboratory.

One of his major contributions was assisting in the functionality of Labigator, an internal calibrations logistics system for PowerLabs. For Labigator to better fulfill the needs of his team, Cory actively communicated with the different technicians in the labs and the IT department for their ideas. Through his drive and perseverance, Labigator was able to meet the demands in the different areas of the company. From organizing current customers on the database to tracking the progress of each performed calibration, it became a main driving source to the lab’s success.

A Wealth of Knowledge

Working at Constellation PowerLabs exposed Cory to numerous specialists in a variety of disciplines in the metrological field. From mechanical, to dimensional, to high voltage calibrations, he found that there was always someone to rely on to give their expertise.

Acting as Chief Metrologist, Cory manages all things technical while also working as strategic project manager. He calls himself the “spackle” as he helps fill in the gaps. His goal is to make sure each project is ready to go and passes them on to be fully launched.

A Deeper Look into His Educational Involvement

Over the years, Cory has been involved in an array of educational boards acting as an advisor to the following institutions: Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, Downingtown Stem Academy, Octorara Advisory Committee and more.

Through Cory’s extensive knowledge and expertise in metrology working in an A2LA accredited laboratory, he has been able to positively influence these educational institutions in more ways than one. Whether it’s advising on technological subjects or helping to guide the metrology department’s curriculum, he hopes to set the students up for success as they become more aware about what is needed in the field.

A Way to Give Back to the Community

For the past eleven years, Cory has dedicated his time volunteering for the Boy Scouts. His passion for the scouts extends to other groups such as the Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. Most recently, Cory helped bring in over 60 Girl Scouts to tour first-hand an A2LA accredited laboratory.

To bolster diversity and skill in the workplace, “we make sure women are aware of the calibration career opportunity.” Cory stresses the importance of the U.S. Women in Nuclear (WIN) group, a prestigious organization that focuses on the advancement of women’s roles in nuclear energy and technology. Since there are few who are aware of what metrology is, he makes it a goal to shed more light on this particular science.

Another program Cory is actively involved with is the Coatesville area’s high school group called the B.R.I.D.G.E.E. (Brothers Reaching Individually Determined to Generate Excellence in Education). He acts as both an advisor and mentor for the students, whether it’s taking them on tours around the lab or bringing them in for mock interviews. It’s about being a “good neighbor,” Cory says.

One of Many Metrological Contributions

When Cory isn’t volunteering, he spends his free time participating in global organizations like the NCSLI (National Conference of Standards Laboratories International), a non-profit organization dedicated to metrology. He takes part in two sub-committees­­­- the writing group and the utility group.

Since he enjoys technical writing, he has contributed to several magazines and award submissions. His work has appeared in places such as Me•trolo•gist NCSLI Worldwide News including his piece, True Logistical Control: Leverage a Cost Savings Shared Inventory System to Logistical Control of Drones.

Cory has also received numerous certificates for some of his interlaboratory comparisons that he was either involved in or led. This comprises of different labs to perform testing on a specific artifact that does a specific type of measurement and will then roll it through an array of laboratories to compare (both A2LA accredited laboratories and non-accredited). With this data, it allows the opportunity for the participating labs to compare their results anonymously.

Every Year Brings Something New

For years, Constellation PowerLabs has participated in the annual NCSLI conference. During this time, Cory takes the opportunity to encourage his technicians to find pride in not only their work, but themselves.

He invites a technician to come with him once a year and assigns them to write a paper which they will have to present at the conference. For Cory, this is not just about his technicians learning the technical aspects of the science but having the courage to speak in front of professionals in their career field.

A Metrological Journey

Constellation PowerLabs’ is proud to have a team of highly qualified experts leading the way in our nation’s nuclear power industry. While Cory helps lead the labs with his expertise and support in our metrology services, he is just one of the many that contribute to the evolution of PowerLabs.

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