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Radiation Protection Calibrations


Providing Accurate Radiation Protection Calibration for Your Site

Keeping a facility up-and-running efficiently requires accurate equipment. To keep it running safely requires the same level of quality measurements in both your standard equipment and radiation protection (also referred to as rad pro) instrumentation. With proper instrumentation, personnel can maintain operations at the safest conditions, while minimizing possible delays or downtime. Even with the most advanced equipment, radiation protection will degrade over time and lose accuracy if not routinely maintained.

Fortunately, facilities can take action to prevent this by taking the necessary steps to ensure equipment is properly calibrated.


Calibration on Contaminated Equipment

Calibration is the process where instrumentation is measured, tested, and adjusted if necessary to maintain equipment accuracy. For personnel who may deal with possible instances and exposures to radiation, it’s important that their radiation protection equipment is regularly maintained and calibrated.

While rad pro equipment can be either contaminated or not contaminated, Constellation PowerLabs is able to service and calibrate both for you! It’s especially important that you find a qualified lab that can support the properly handling of your contaminated rad pro equipment as it requires following thorough processes and procedures.

If your rad pro equipment is not properly calibrated, it has the potential to cause large errors in radiation dose estimates. This can have serious health and safety implications if the equipment is not reliable. At Constellation PowerLabs, we provide quality calibrations to ensure both your contaminated and non-contaminated radiation protection equipment provides accurate and reliable measurement readings, every time.


Approved Nuclear Supplier

As an approved nuclear supplier, we follow strict guidelines and adhere to the following regulations and codes: 10 CFR 50, Appendix B, 10 CFR 21, NQA-1 and ANSI N45.2.

Our Quality program is routinely audited by NUPIC and NIAC. These audits, made available to the industry, certifies our competence as a nuclear supplier, and aides in streamlining our relationships with nuclear constituents. All of our services align with the scope of our Appendix B program, providing our nuclear customers the benefit of having a single-source vendor for all their laboratory needs.

Not only do we service the nuclear industry, but we also cater to pharmaceuticals, aerospace, manufacturing, and any other quality driven industry.

Radiation Calibration Capabilities

Our labs can safely calibrate all forms of radiation protection equipment. We perform measurements on a variety of equipment, from performing radiation detector calibration to electronic dosimetry, you can be sure you are receiving accurate equipment.


Below are some of the radiation instruments we calibrate daily (all of which can be tested both contaminated and non-contaminated):

  • Air Sampling Equipment (Alpha, Beta, Gamma)
  • Area Radiation Monitors
  • Count-Rate Monitors
  • Geiger-Muller Counters
  • Ion Chambers
  • Monitoring/Protection Equipment
  • Pencil and Electronic Dosimeters
  • Telescoping Radiation Detectors
  • Survey Meters

Our Calibration Process

Our radiation protection calibration processes fall under a strict standard in regard to contaminated equipment. Constellation PowerLabs is licensed by federal agencies to have “controlled” contaminated equipment in several labs in our Coatesville facility. Our radiation protection instrumentation calibration is completed following NC3 323 specifications.

The calibration techniques and software we use in our labs are the same for both contaminated and non-contaminated components. No matter the component, our lab ensures the proper measurement readings and any inaccuracies.


What Sets Our Lab Apart?

Constellation PowerLabs is an industry leader in both quality and accreditations. Our calibration laboratory is accredited under A2LA for ISO 17025 in a variety of calibration disciplines, both with contaminated equipment and non-contaminated equipment. All our accredited calibrations that can be performed on the clean side, can be performed on the contaminated instruments.

Our laboratory capabilities are unmatched. We continue to serve our customers and produce quality to quality driven industries.

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